Arian Barakat and Rebin Hosini. Photo: Department of Statistics
Arian Barakat and Rebin Hosini. Photo: Department of Statistics

Arian Barakat and Rebin Hosini wrote their thesis previous spring term at IAMIP and now work at the company. They presented several tips on how you can do to write your master's or bachelor's thesis at a company.

The first thing you need to do is reach out to a company that interests you. Think broadly - if you like ice cream, why not contact an ice cream company?

- Present an idea that will solve a problem that they have, Rebin Hosini said during the presentation.

When it comes to ideas for your thesis, it is better to start looking for a problem that you want to solve instead of looking for a topic to write about, Rebin Hosini and Arian Barakat stated.

The company will benefit from you writing your thesis with them, especially since they don't have to pay for it. Rebin Hosini and Arian Barakat recommend that you begin by contacting small enterprises and startups - they are a good starting point.

In order to present an idea on what you could do for the company in your thesis, you need to do your research on what they do.

- Even if your idea is not correct, they might give you another idea after you presented something. Show them that you are creative, Arian Barakat said.

Practical advice

Since you have to write in an academic way at the department of Statistics, and the company might want a less academic language you will have to find a balance in your writing.

- Companies have their requirements and the academia has theirs, and you might want to write in a certain way too. It is challenging to combine them all, Rebin Hosini said.

- Be clear from the beginning when talking with the company that you need to write in a certain way at the university, and try to find a balance, says Arian Barakat.