If a student is unable to attend an examination, the examination can under certain conditions be carried out elsewhere in Sweden or abroad. Great restrictiveness must be observed regarding the examination at another location and allowed only on exceptional grounds.

The examination shall take place at an official agency, office or similar (e.g. a college, embassy, consulate, police station, hospital). The same conditions should apply as to the examination at Stockholm University (SU). This includes that the student should be examined at the same time and should be given the same amount of time for the exam as the students taking the exam at SU, with secluded seating without risk of interference, be entitled to the same facilities as the other students and that an invigilator (guard) will monitor the examination.

The examiner decides if the exam can be given at another location and is responsible for securing that the exam can be done in a safe manner. The examiner determines in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies whether the requirements for examination at another location are met and if the department has the practical ability to organize such an occasion.

It is up to the student to ensure that the requirements for examination at another location can be catered for as well as finding a local and agency official. Any costs involved must be paid by the student.


  1. The agency must appoint an officer of the agency who can act as contact liaison with us. An e-mail address and telephone number(s) are required. No further action will be undertaken by us until such information has been provided. The information shall be sent to studierektorga@stat.su.se.
  2. The agency must issue a written statement in which they declare that they will comply with the following:
  • A secluded room will be prepared within the premises of the agency or in some equivalent locale where the examinee can be seated throughout the duration of the exam.
  • At least one invigilator provided by the agency will be present in the room at all times during the duration of the exam.  The invigilator is responsible for monitoring and securing that the rules and conditions for the exam are upheld. The general Stockholm University rules for written exams may be found at https://www.su.se/rules/book-2/education-first-second-cycles/examinations; the specific rules for the exam in question will be forwarded as soon as an official liaison has been appointed and notified.
  • All costs involved will be paid for either by the student or by the agency; Stockholm University will not be held accountable for any costs involved.

The written statement shall:

  • be provided with an official letterhead and signed by an officer of the agency,
  • verify the name of the liaison official and include contact information,
  • be written in English or Swedish,
  • be sent by regular mail and received by us no later than two weeks before the exam takes place. In order to avoid unnecessary delays we recommend that an electronically readable copy of the statement (scanned or photographed) is sent by e-mail to studierektorga@stat.su.se as soon as it is issued.

When the required statement has been received the examiner will determine in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies whether the requirements for examination can be met under the circumstances and will give the final decision. The student and the agency will be informed of the decision as soon as possible. If the examiner decides in favour of the application, the student and agency will be given further instructions about the exam in question.

  1. When the exam is completed and handed in by the student the agency shall:
  • issue an officially signed statement, co-signed by the invigilator(s), stating that the exam was conducted in a proper manner and in accordance with the rules and that at least one invigilator was present at all times during the exam. The statement must be written in English or Swedish.
  • urgently scan or photograph the pages handed in by the student and the final statement and send them in a electronically readable format by e-mail to a designated e-mail address; if the e-mail has not been received within 1 hour after the exam has ended, the student’s examination will be void.
  • urgently send us a hard copy of the final statement, the original pages handed in by the student and other specified documents by registered mail; if the original documents have not been received within 2 weeks after the exam date, the student’s examination will be void.