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Here you will find information on our participation outside of the Department of Statistics - in seminars and in the media - and on our Alumni network.
(Our Swedish collaboration projects are posted here.)


Mentoring Program for master students

Students who are doing their second year on the Master's program can apply for the Mentoring program. As a mentee in the Mentoring program you will have a mentor, a statistician with whom you can exchange ideas, talk about your studies, and find out more about the job market. There is much room for networking with other statisticians within the Mentoring program, on meetings, seminars and study visits.

Research Grants for study on academic critical thinking and the undergraduate thesis

Tatjana von Rosen, from the Department of Statistics, Stockholm University, participates in the research project on academic critical thinking and the undergraduate thesis, which has been granted 6.5 million Swedish crowns.


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Statistiska institutionen
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The Department is open Monday - Friday, 07:50 AM – 5:05 PM throughout academic year.

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