Early deregistration

The first three weeks of a course, you can deregister through Ladok. To qualify as so-called 'early deregistration' the you need to deregister within three weeks after the course has started, and the deregistration has to be done before the first examination.


In order to de-register after the three weeks have passed you must use De-registration form (132 Kb) , available on PDF. The form must then be submitted to the student office at the Department of Statistics, or sent by mail or e-mail. The address is written on the form.

NOTE! If a student does deregisters from a course after three weeks after the course has started, it is not possible to apply for the course again and you will only be able to take the course at a later date subject to availability. In that case, you will have to ask for a re-registration.

NOTE! De-registration from a program does not include de-registration from courses, a student has to de-register from courses separately.