Go to Ladok for students between December 28th and January 10th, to make a web registration.

Please keep in mind that you must register by January 10th at the latest!

To make your web registrations you will need a university account - more information on how to activate it is found here.

If you are an exchange or an international student, you might need assistance to make your course registrations if you don't get access to your university account in time. In that case, please contact our study counsellor by January 10th in order to keep your place in the course.

N. B.  If you don't register yourself during the web registration period, you will lose your place in the course!

Contact the study counsellor or the student office by January 10th if you are conditionally admitted to a course and therefore cannot make your web registration.

After you have done your web registration, you will get access to your course site in the study platform Athena, and will be able to choose a group in Athena, in case there are different groups in your course.