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  • Statistician top job of the year! 2020-02-04 The number one best business job: Statistician. This is the result of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual jobs ranking, where statisticians also are in the absolute top of the 100 best jobs.
  • Mandatory courses Progression Plan 2020-01-13
  • Peer-Assisted Study Sessions 2019-04-03 Hard statistics problems on hand? Don’t worry - if you get stuck with your statistics problems, you can always get help at the regular Peer-Assisted Study Sessions. This semester our Doctoral students will assist the sessions. They can help with statistics problems on all levels from the first term to master studies.
  • Student council meeting 2018-12-13 Have a "Fika" and network with other students at the Department of Statistics! Plan fun activities or discuss important issues.
  • Regulations for exams at the Department of statistics 2018-11-15
  • The Stockholm University Careers Day 2018-10-17 A Careers Day for all students November 14th.
  • What is it like to study statistics? Ask one of our alumni! 2018-10-11 Edgar Bueno studied the Matser's Program in statistics, and is now a PhD student at the Department of Statistics. He likes statistics because of the many applications, within the financial sector, health sector, industry, government, and almost everywhere, you'll find applications of statistics.
  • Moneyball - Statistics Movienight with "Lucia-fika" 2018-09-20 Celebrating Lucia together with alumni and master students, we will show the statistics movie Moneyball on December 13th. We will serve "Lucia-fika"!
  • Time to apply for the Spring semester! 2018-09-18 All students, both for free standing and courses within programs, have to apply for the courses at
  • Computer labs for students 2018-09-03 The department has a computer lab, located in room B319, with a total of 18 PC-computers. We also share computer lab B397 with 20 PC:s with the Department of Sociology.
  • Thesis celebration! 2018-05-25 We are celebrating all students who have completed their theses with us during the study year 2017-18, with a reception in the departments' lounge.
  • Career Fair for Statistics students 2018-02-20 Welcome to one of the biggest career fairs at Stockholm University, Arbetsmarknadsdagen, designed for you who studies economics, statistics, political science, or some other subject within the field of social sciences.
  • Career Day 2018-02-06 The Department of Mathematics is arranging a Career Day at February 14th, with employers such as Statisticon, and If Insurance. The seminars that are given in English are all around lunch time, and the lunch is free of charge.
  • Bright future labour market for statisticians in Sweden 2018-02-06 In the report "Prospects" (Framtidsutsikter) from the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, SACO, it is stated that the future labour market for statisticians and mathematicians in Sweden looks very good. In 2022, the labour market is characterized by little competition for jobs, and this is already a fact today.
  • Programming club for students at the Department of Statistics 2018-02-05 All students are welcome to the Programming club, with drop-in every other Saturday at 9-15.
  • Are you looking for qualified work in Sweden? 2018-01-18 Stockholm University Career Services invites all students to this career seminar.
  • The road from Statistics to Machine Learning 2018-01-16 Machine Learning event for Statistics- and Mathematics students.
  • Meeting with the Student Council 2017-11-13 Welcome to the Student Council's meeting. All students at the Department of Statistics are welcome to join us!
  • Dissertation: José Morlanes 2017-10-30 Discussant: Professor Henrik Hult, Department of Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology
  • Summer internship at Ericsson 2017-04-07 Ericsson is advertising an internship for graduates- or master students in statistics.
  • Outgoing exchange 2017-03-23 Make your education international by studying abroad!
  • Master's Program Structure from Autumn '15 & '16 2017-03-14 The program structure for master students admitted autumn 2015 is presented here.
  • Admission and Application procedures 2017-02-08 Important information regarding admission and application procedures, for our potential Master's and undergraduate students.
  • How to solve problems with non-response 2016-09-21 As the non-response rates of important studies continue to rise, the quality of the results are getting worse. Per Gösta Andersson from the Department of Statistics researches together with Carl-Erik Särndal, Professor Emeritus of Statistics Sweden, into a method that mitigates the effect of non-response.
  • Re-registration 2016-05-24 If you de-register from the course later than three weeks after the course has started, you will be unable to make another application for the same course. You will only be able to take the course again (re-register) if there are places available.
  • Seminar: Solving Optimization Problems with MATLAB 2016-04-19 Welcome to the seminar Solving Optimization Problems with MATLAB presented by Loren Shure from MathWorks, held at Stockholm University, April 25.
  • Seminar: Pär Stockhammar, Department of Statistics and National Institute of Economic Research 2016-04-12 How will a large negative shock to Swedish housing prices effect the economy? A bayesian model is used to study these effects.
  • Where to find information 2016-01-25 The student information at Stockholm University is spread through many different channels. On this page we have gathered which information you will find where.
  • Yuli Liang defended her thesis 2015-05-26 The thesis Contributions to Estimation and Testing Block Covariance Structure in Multivariate Normal Models was successfully defended on May 11th, by Yuli Liang.
  • Yuli Liang has posted her thesis! 2015-04-20 We celebrated the posting of Yuli Liang's thesis Contributions to Estimation and Testing Block Covariance Structure in Multivariate Normal Models, April 20th 2015.
  • Statistical information systems 2014-12-08 A new portal for open educational resources.
  • We celebrated our thesis students 2014-06-13 At the 4th of June we opened our lounge to celebrate the students who completed their bachelor's and master's theses.


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