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Edgar Bueno Statistics alumni

What is it like to study statistics? Ask one of our alumni!

Edgar Bueno studied the Matser's Program in statistics, and is a PhD in Statistics. He likes statistics because of the many applications, within the financial sector, health sector, industry, government, and almost everywhere, you'll find applications of statistics.

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New Student

Information for applicants for the Spring 2021 courses.

Studenter södra husen

Reply to your admissions offer

Don't forget to reply to your admission offer, if you are admitted, conditionally admitted, or reserve. If you applied in the second admission round for the Spring semester, the last day to accept your admission offer is December 16th.

Studenter i Studenthuset

Make your web registration

To get registered for a course you have to make a web registration between December 28th and January 10th. If you don't register yourself in time, you will lose your place in the course! If you are not able to web register yourself, you must contact our study councellor or student office in order to keep your place in the course.

Person sitter och programmerar vid en bärbar dator. Foto: Creative commons

Online studies spring 2021

Due to the covid-19 virus, all courses will be taught online during the spring semester 2021.

Emma, Egentligen kampanjen

A study buddy for your studies at home!

Our Master's Student Emma will keep you company for 25 minutes while you are studying at home.

Skriva tenta

Instructions for home exams due to Covid-19

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, all exams at the Department of Statistics will be home exams during the Spring semester.

Third exams for autumn semester courses

Courses that are only taught during the autumn semester have one extra exam during the spring semester. You will find the list of dates for the examinations here.

Study Information

Here you will find all information needed for your studies at the Department of Statistics!


Study Councellor
Contact the study- and career councellor if you have questions about your studies in statistics or plan to start your studies.

Phone: +46 (0)8 16 29 81
Visit: Jenny Rosen, room  B718

Homepage for the Student Councellor