Current research

Per Gösta Andersson. Foto: Statistiska institutionen

How to solve problems with non-response

As the non-response rates of important studies continue to rise, the quality of the results are getting worse. Per Gösta Andersson from the Department of Statistics researches together with Carl-Erik Särndal, Professor Emeritus of Statistics Sweden, into a method that mitigates the effect of non-response.

Unga personer som jobbar på ett call center. Foto: Wavebreakmedia

How many times should we try to call someone?

To try to make contact with people, alternative to classic random sampling and extrapolation - this is our ongoing research on sampling in the profile area Official statistics.

Ur konstboken

In between research and education

"Even elementary statistiscs problems may give rise to a deeper and broader discussion of issues in probability and statistics", Per Gösta Andersson, associate professor in statistics at our department claims in an article in the American Statistician.


Deputy Head of Department
Mattias Villani