We welcome Statistics- and Mathematics students to a Machine Learning event on March 7 between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

Theme of the event: The road from Statistics to Machine Learning

"The field of Statistics has gained newfound attention in light of recent spectacular results from its close sibling Machine Learning. Already in 2001 the seminal scientist Leo Breiman foresaw the branching of these two fields in his seminal paper “The Two Cultures”. In this session we will elucidate on the overlap between Statistics and Machine Learning in our daily work at LakeTide, and what their relation will be in the years to come." - Robert Luciani, CTO at LakeTide.

LakeTide is a Stockholm-based consultancy specializing in high performance computing and deep learning. The company builds robots, train models on GPU clusters, and gib noobs in quake.

The event will take place at Department of Statistics in room B705 - Frescativägen 10 Södra huset B, Stockholm University. 

Due to room limitations, the registration will be closed once the number of registered participants reaches the event capacity. Registration is available on following link: https://kalle16.typeform.com/to/awrRUl